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Valeo Hampton

     Where a typical day here, is an extraordinary day in the world of clutch products

Valeo’s clutch kits and related parts are distributed throughout North America.  The center of this distribution universe is located in Hampton, Virginia.  The Hampton facility has a complete team ready to assist our customers in all areas including logistics, ordering, technical support, warranties, part tracking, drop shipping catalog support, part verification, pricing, marketing and promotions.  Components and finished products are kept in a well organized inventory.

While you are driving mile after mile in a vehicle with a durable, dependable Valeo clutch, VT USA Hampton is preparing to deliver that next aftermarket replacement clutch kit to the marketplace for that unfortunate driver who needs to change out their non-Valeo failed clutch.  The Hampton Team receives high quality components from various Valeo production sites.  Then these components are combined accurately to create complete, packaged clutch kits with all the necessary parts to do a full installation.  These complete kits are then shipped from Hampton to locations all over the continent and soon to a vehicle in need of one.